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Ladies Doubles

Ladies Doubles team info here - frequency and time of matches, latest results etc. 
Captain: Charlie McLaren : 01935 851 174


Friday 27th April         Yeovil B            Away
Thursday 3rd May        Sherborne C     Home
Friday 11th May          Chard C            Away
Thursday 17th May      Ilminster C       Home
Wednesday 30th May   S.Petherton C   Away
Thursday 7th June`     Bridport B        Home
Thursday 14th June     Yeovil B           Home
Tuesday 19th June       Sherborne C    Away
Thursday 28th June     Chard C           Home
Tuesday 3rd July          Ilminster C      Away
Thursday 19th July      S.Petherton C  Home
Thursday 26th July      Bridport B       Away

Match Reports from 2017 . . . 

Match Report: Thursday 15th June v Chard (Home)

It was touch and go as to whether we were going to be able to play on Queen Camel's courts due to the incredibly warm weather we've been having, but Marian and Charlie assessed the situation and decided that as the temperature was going to drop we were good to go!!

A common theme through our last couple of matches has been battling against strong gusty winds, but we had a bit of fire in our bellies after last week. The team was unchanged from last week and it feels like we're beginning to settle into good playing partnerships with Marie and Jane winning their first rubber 7-6 6-1 and Tracey and Charlie so narrowly missing out on a win, to lose their first rubber in a Championship tie break 4-6 6-4. Having finished a little before their match we witnessed some great tennis in their final stages, with Tracey and Charlie really digging deep and chasing down every shot, with the opposition struggling with their style of play. It was so very close. 

Unfortunately for Marie and Jane, our playing style suited our second opponents much better and they were able to keep on top of us, with us losing our second rubber 1-6 3-6. One of the players is extremely experienced, with excellent ball placement that outwitted us frequently...I think that we can learn from that though for future matches. Tracey and Charlie's second match went brilliantly, with them securing a convincing win of 6-4 6-1.

The ladies from chard were lovely and it was quite a late night after long games and chit chat over a delicious spread of food. The overall result was 7-4. THIS WAS OUR FIRST WIN!!!!! If we weren't dancing around the clubhouse, we were certainly dancing inside and felt proud and excited to have our first win under our belts. But the BEST NEWS is that this has seen us clamber out of the deep dark depths of the bottom of the table, and we are now 5th in the league. Well done ladies...more of the same!!


Match Report: Thursday 8th June v Misterton B (Home)

The swirling wind made playing conditions a little tricky but we knuckled down to our first match. The team consisted of Tracey Lloyd playing with Charlie McLaren and Jane Hallows playing with Marie Negus. 

Marie and Jane won their first rubber 6-2 4-6 with a repeat of last week, seeing their first match going to a Championship tie break which we won. Tracey and Charlie, however, faced extremely tough competition, with a player whose technique could only be admired, and when we later found out that she was ranked 83 in the country we could see why it was so tough!! Unfortunately she was just too good and they lost their rubber 0-6 0-6. Our second matches went much in the same vein, but Tracey and Charlie, secured a convincing win of 6-1 6-3, and unfortunately for Marie and Jane, knowing now what we were about to face, all we could do was to keep smiling and try to return the ball where and when possible. We did get some stonking shots back, and even won a few (albeit it with the help of the net - but we'll take that!!). It certainly lifted our play, but it wasn't enough and we lost 0-6 0-6.

The moral was a little low at the end of the match, as we felt that we'd not been able to play competitive matches against one of the pairs, but everyone was lovely and we enjoyed a tasty spread of savoury and sweet food after the match, which ended 4-7.


Match Report: Tuesday 30th May v Sherborne (Away)

We are a bit slow out of the starting blocks in reporting how matches have gone prior to our match this week at Sherborne, so please accept our apologies. We've had a slightly rocky start but there have been some epic matches played with some great tennis, energy and enthusiasm and it feels like we are gaining in confidence and skills, as we battle with smiles to get more wins under our skorts to move up the table.

The sky on the 30th May was heavily laden with cloud and the air humid, but we were optimistic the rain would stay away as we made our way to Sherborne to play on their newly resurfaced courts (it was great to experience a different playing surface). We also went armed with energy bars!! (thank you Charlie for organising that for us...they went down a treat and really helped keep our energy levels up). 

The team consisted of Ali Harrington playing with Tracey Lloyd and Jane Hallows playing with Marie Negus. For both pairs, this was the first time playing together, so as the initial nerves abated and words of encouragement exchanged, both pairs settled into their matches. The courts were busy around us, which caused distractions occasionally but we remained focussed with Jane and Marie winning their first rubber 6-4 6-3 with Tracey and Ali unfortunately losing theirs 4-6 3-6...but they weren't discouraged, and many of the games contained long rallies of great tennis. Our second matches were both exhilarating and exhausting in equal measure, as both pairs battled long and hard, with Championship tie breaks. Sadly neither pairs could make it count, and Jane and Marie lost their rubber 6-3 6-7 11-13 and Tracey and Ali lost their rubber 2-6 7-6 4-10. Overall the result was 4-8.

After a very enjoyable evening of tennis, which ended just after 10pm we made our way for a delicious post-match supper in very good company. The Sherborne ladies were a pleasure to play and were most welcoming. They were tough opposition but I am proud of how we all played and the team spirit. Onwards and upwards!



What a difference a year makes.

The ladies had a great season helped by new, younger members coming into the pool of available players.

The first match was injury prone and had to be re-scheduled only to be conceded, again due to injuries. Not the best start but then everything went really well. We won 5 matches, drew I match and lost 2 matches. A great result which put us 4th in our division. Well done ladies and thank you for your support.

Philippa Davidson 

Schedule of matches for the Yeovil & District Summer League 2016:

Thursday 5th May:          Somerton            Home
Thursday 26th May:        Sherborne C         Home
Wednesday 1st June:      Wincanton C        Away
Thursday 9th June:         Ilminster C          Home
Thursday 16th June:       Misterton B          Away
Monday 20th June:         Somerton C          Away
Tuesday 12th July:         Sherborne C         Away
Thursday 21st July:        Wincanton C        Home
Tuesday 26th July:         Ilminster C           Away
Thursday 4th August:      Misterton B          Home

All home matches start at or just before 6.30 pm unless otherwise specified.
Departure for away matches will vary.  The Team Captain will advise departure times to team members.


Tuesday 29th April:  
With the threat of rain hanging over us as we left Queen Camel, the skies cleared and we spent a most enjoyable couple of hours playing Sherborne.  Charlie McLaren & Linda Heathcote had two hard fought and lively matches, managing to secure the second one with a 10-8 win in the Championship tie break played when the score was one set all.  Philippa Davidson & Morwenna Ford fared slightly less well but, nevertheless, had some good games with long rallies and plenty of deuces.  A sociable and tempting post-match supper in the clubhouse followed.

Charlie McLaren & Linda Heathcote v Sherborne A & B players:  2-6 : 6-3 : 10-8
                                                                       C & D players:  3-6 : 3-6
Philippa Davidson & Morwenna Ford v Sherborne A & B players:  0-6 : 3-6
                                                                        C & D players:  1-6 : 1-6

Schedule of matches for the Yeovil & District Summer League 2015:

Tuesday, 29th April:     Sherborne C    Away
Monday, 12th May:        Somerton C     Away
Thursday, 29th May:     Ilminster C      Home
Thursday, 5th June:      Misterton        Away
Tuesday, 12th June:     Ilminster B       Home
Thursday, 19th June:    Sherborne C    Home
Thursday, 3rd July:      Somerton C     Home
Tuesday, 15th July:      Ilminster C       Away
Thursday, 24th July:    Misterton C      Home
Thursday, 31st July  :  Ilminster B        Away