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Men's Doubles

Men's Doubles team info here - frequency and time of matches, latest results etc. 

Men's Captain: Jack Marsh : 07736 670 083


Thursday 27th April        Somerton C            Home
Tuesday 9th May             Ilminster C             Away
Thursday 18th May         Sherborne D           Home
Thursday 25th May         Misterton A             Away
Thursday 1st June          Wincanton D           Home
Wednesday 7th June      South Petherton     Away
Tuesday 13th June         Somerton C            Away
Thursday 29th June       Ilminster C              Home
Wednesday 5th July       Sherborne D           Away
Thursday 13th July        Misterton                Home
Friday 21st July             Wincanton D           Away
Thursday 27th July        South Petherton     Home

Overview of the Summer League by Jack Marsh, Men's Captain:

Thank you too everyone who contributed to the season.  Our final league position (once a couple of outstanding matches are played) will be 5th out of the 7 teams.

The standard of tennis was much higher than in previous seasons but, having said that, we were very competitive in nearly all the matches and picked up points in just about every game.  Despite only 1 victory we lost 2 matches by only 1 game! And only lost to top of the league Misterton on a 9-11 tiebreak!  

For some of you this was your first experience of league tennis.  In spite of some of the results, do not be disheartened.  Keep with it as playing matches is critical to help you develop your games and assess where you can improve.

We have failed to achieve my goal of finishing in the top half and, therefore, push for promotion.  On reflection we need to look past this season and gain some perspective of the long term picture. We now have a squad with more depth, more quality, more experience, We will be better next season than we have been this one and as long as we continue to develop / have patience and learn from our losses, we can only get better.

With the new courts and potential expansion we are in a really good place for the future

See you on court soon.








Misterton M A




South Petherton M A




Sherborne M D




Wincanton M D




Queen Camel M A




Ilminster M C




Somerton M C



Match Report : Tuesday 13th June v Somerton

Somerton 6 – 4 Queen Camel - and Somerton won on games with sets drawn at 4 each.

Really surprised that we lost last night it is further proof that this league is very difficult.  We played a bottom of the league team and it was harder than last week’s games against top of the league South Petherton.  

Somerton were not big hitters and we came up against our first lobber, this made for a frustrating night which did not lend itself to enjoyable tennis.

Thanks Guys.  Try not to be too disappointed - they were a really tricky team with some awkward players.


Match Report : Wednesday 7th June v South Petherton

South Petherton 7 – 4  Queen Camel - and South Petherton won by 1 set!

Last night was, in my opinion, our best team performance of the season. The result, although disappointing, was much closer than anyone would have predicted looking at the league table/stats.  We played a very good South Petherton team who will most likely get promoted this year. Looking at the game count, we only lost by 2 games!

Roy and I got off to a flyer in a match where It felt like we put up a brick wall!  Not by being defensive but by playing clever shots returning everything and having belief.  We came back from 0-40 on numerous occasions in what was a really satisfying win.  We continued this into our second match winning the first set 6-2.  Unfortunately we hit a rough patch when we were 5-2 up in the second set losing on a tiebreak and this set ultimately proved decisive to the match outcome. We did however win the championship Tiebreak 10-3 winning both rubbers.

John and Sam:  You should be really proud of your performance last night, holding your own in tough long rallies against veteran players was not an easy feat.

Thanks again guys - a really tense but enjoyable night.   I walked away feeling really positive about the team for the future.


Match Report : Thursday 1st June v Wincanton

Another difficult evening against some tough opponents.  Again we have lost to a bigger club who were able to draw on players who normally play in higher leagues (Ivor plays regularly for their B team who are currently 2nd in div 2).  However no rules were broken and, as a smaller club, this is a reality that we have to deal with.

I say this so we are not too downbeat about our results this season; this is a difficult league with no easy matches. 

There was a small victory to be noted. Roy and I game back from 2-5 down to win our first set 7-5!!  This was a great feat of focus, belief and courage that I am really proud of.   Thank you Roy!

Lovely evening in a wonderful setting. Thank you so much to Charlie for her great hospitality, and thank you to Marian, Morwenna and Pauline for managing the court closure thus enabling us to play.

Onwards and upwards


Match Report : Thursday 25th May v Misterton

A great evening of tennis against a really strong Misterton team.  We lost by 1 set which was a 11-9 tie break!  Every point seemed like a victory in what were really hard fought rubbers in sweltering conditions.  We did however, get some points against a high ranking team, these will prove vital at the end of the season.

Upon reflection, the games that Roy and I won were the ones where we took the initiative and put pressure on our opponents.  If we do not apply the pressure any organised/experienced pair surely will.  Too often I found myself watching my shots and not capitalising on good baseline ground strokes; we are a tall team and need to double up at the net more.

Thanks for a good night guys.  Despite another loss I believe that we will be winning this sort of match by the end of the season.


Match Report : Thursday 18th May v Sherborne D:

Marie makes a damn good lemon drizzle cake ! 

The view of the sunset from the courts last night was really impressive, we are really lucky to play in such a beautiful location.

John Watson really like carrots! 

Shame about the tennis, but we managed to get 2 sets from a very strong team who are top of the league and will most likely win it. We are currently 5th out of 7 teams in the League.  So despite a slow start to the season, all is not lost.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to a good evening. 


Match Report : Tuesday 9th May v Ilminster C

Very close game unfortunately we lost by the tightest of margins (1 game) having drawn on sets!  Ilminster put out a very young team who were going for the finish with every shot, we put up a very good fight but ultimately there "do or die" strategy paid off.

Lessons need to be learned from last night.  Again, we have lost to a team that we should have beaten. The games we won were through good solid doubles play and without having to make great/difficult shots.  We must learn how to beat teams using strategy, as well as technique and skill.

We have now lost 2 very close matches, I believe we will be winning them come the 2nd half of the season.

Thanks to you all for a good evening.


Match Report : Thursday 27th April v Somerton C
A good competitive match played in tough conditions which ultimately ended in glorious defeat, Queen Camel Men's doubles going down 12-10. Pairings for the match were Chris and John and Tim and Sam: Chris and John winning their two rubbers while Tim and Sam just coming up short, losing the first in straight sets but taking the second to a championship tiebreak. Ultimately, their efforts weren't quite enough - losing it 10-7, and with it the tie. In cold and windy conditions the tie was played in good spirits by both teams and although the QCTC men were not victorious the signs are good for a successful season.



Into our second playing season, our goal this year was not to finish bottom, - and we have not only accomplished this but we have finished 4th narrowly missing 3rd place.

We have had some injuries and had to change the team due to unforeseen circumstances and there were times when matches were almost cancelled  but one of the team always stepped up and played.  The Club is grateful to you all for your availability at short notice - without that level of commitment it would be impossible to operate such a small squad.   

This season has really highlighted the fact that we are a small club with a small pool of players.  As Captain, I have been so proud that not only have we been able to compete but we have succeeded against vastly bigger clubs.

I view having a small squad as beneficial; we have played so many teams this year who don’t even know each other’s names.  We have been a true team that is not reliant upon coaches, highly coached teenagers or 1st division ringers and our victories mean so much more because of that.

We have continued to provide good quality after match food/drink and our thanks are extended to all the wives/mothers and everyone who has baked cakes and made sandwiches.  We provide one of the best after-game environments - it’s a great way to end the evening sitting outside watching the sunset.  

So much has been achieved.  We have not only grown as a team but we have earned a lot of respect. 

Well done to everyone – and thank you.

Jack Marsh

Men’s Captain

Schedule of matches for the Yeovil & District Summer League 2016:

Friday 6th May:            Yeovil C                    Away
Friday 13th May:           Somerton C               Home
Friday 20th May:           Taunton B                 Home
Tuesday 24th May:         Ilminster C               Away
Thursday 2nd June:        Wincanton D             Home
Wednesday 8th June:     Sherborne D              Away
Thursday 23rd June:      Yeovil C                    Home
Tuesday 28th June:       Somerton C               Away
Friday 8th July:            Taunton B                 Away
Thursday 14th July:       Ilminster C                Home
Friday 22nd July:           Windanton D             Away
Thursday 28th July:       Sherborne D               Home

Fixture List - Summer League 2015:

Wednesday 29th April:    North Cadbury B        Away
Thursday 7th May:          Wincanton C              Home
Thursday 14th May:        Martock C                  Home
Thursday 20th May:        Sherborne D               Away
Thursday 11th June:       Ilminster B                Home
Thursday 18th June:       North Cadbury B        Home
Friday 26th June:           Wincanton C             Away
Tuesday 30th June:        Martock C                 Away
Thursday 9th July:         Sherborne D              Home
Thursday 30th July:       Ilminster B                Away

The Club did not field a Men's Team during the 2014 Summer League.

End of League Summary 2013:

We finished bottom again but much less bottom than we were last year.

Vying for the last place position are Beaminster and had we won the away match with them, it might all have been different. What might have been...........

No matter, we were competitive in all our matches, even against Weymouth, and we had a lot of fun.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the league for making themselves available to play and in particular those who pitched in at the eleventh hour, at short notice. Our players pool this year consisted of 5/6 adult members and five juniors so it is some achievement that we were able to fulfil all our fixtures. Our junior players, as they get older and gain more match experience, are making an increasingly significant contribution to our playing strength and performance on court. That augers well for the future.

Thanks again for your support.

Roy Leask