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Coronavirus Update

24th March 2020 - Court Closure

Dear All,

Following the announcement from the government last night the courts will be closed from today for the next three weeks. After this time we will review the situation depending on the response from the government. Hopefully the virus will have lessened and we can start to get back to some form of normality.

For those of you with children the LTA are putting on their website something called 'Tennis from Home' and giving ideas for activities related to tennis that you can do in your home or in the garden.

In the meantime stay safe, enjoy the lovely sunshine and we will look forward to seeing you back on court in the not too distant future.

We will keep you updated

Very best wishes

Marian Davis

20th March 2020 - Update on Coronavirus

We are closely monitoring advice from the Government and the LTA to ensure we are right up to date with the latest guidance for members and players at Queen Camel Tennis Club. Our intention is to complete this terms lessons, finishing on April 4th, and we are keen to keep the courts open.

As long as precautionary measures are taken, there is no reason not to continue playing tennis. We are doing our best to keep the tennis environment as safe as possible and are following the guidelines set out by the Government and the LTA.

1.     Our priority is everyone’s health and safety.

2.    The clubhouse will be out of bounds for all use and kept locked. The padlock will be changed.

3.    The coach will be able to access the clubhouse only to operate the internal switches and floodlights. Players and others will not be allowed inside. 

4.    As tennis is a non-contact sport, the coach will keep players rallying over the net as much as possible rather than giving close technical instruction.

5.    Groups of players will not be brought together in close discussion.

6.    Players and the coach are encouraged to spread out on both courts therefore making the ratio on court as low as possible.

7.    Players should leave the court and go home as soon as the lesson/session is finished.

8.    There will be no hand shaking or bodily contact.

9.    Players are advised to bring their own racket wherever possible, if they cannot, they should wash their hands at the outside tap before and after using a club racket.

10.  Players booking courts should bring their own balls and rackets. If you need a tube of balls I have new ones at home which you may buy at £4.50 a tube. Ring me to say you want some and I will leave them outside my front door for you to pick up, please put the money through my letter box.

11.   As private lessons represent less of a risk than group coaching, all 1:1 lessons will still be available at the coaches discretion. Please contact the coach for more details.

12.  Parents should stay outside the boundaries of the courts while their child/ren have lessons and the toilet is not available.

Points to Note

·      Stay at home if you have any symptoms or feel unwell at all.

·      Players over 70yrs old should be aware of the potential change in advice to their age group.

·      Take heed of advice on hand washing and other measures to prevent the likelihood of transmitting or catching the virus.

·      If you have an underlying medical condition that may make you more vulnerable to the virus, please take medical advice.

·      Wash your hands before and after playing. Avoid any bodily contact.